Settlers of a Dead God

Centurion of the abyss

This creature is a living nightmare with eight arms, thirteen eyes, and the body of a large spider. The centurion lives in caves and dark places where he stalks its victims. It has the ability to weave traps to feed on adventurers. This living spawn is extremely dangerous and has lethal venom.

AC 7 [12], HD 2 + 2, Attack 1 × bite (1d4 + 1), GAC0 17 [+2], MV 120 ‘(60’), Warrior saving throws level 1, ML 6, AL Neutral, XP 25, NA 1d4 (1d4), TT D
Surprise: With a result of 1-5.
Poison: Causes fainting on 1d4 turns.
Stolen Items: They keep stolen items in their lair and protect them until death.

Designs by Rodar d’Argnan, you can find his portfolio on his Artstation and Instagram.

Settlers of the Dead God will be published in 2022. If you want to know more about our upcoming tabletop RPG Settlers of the Dead God, please suscribe to our newsletter:


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