Settlers of a Dead God


«Quiet the mind and your soul will speak»


Funginoids are mushroom-like insectoids Within this breed there can be a great variety of shapes and sizes.

Funginoids are different from other races of the Dead God. The fact of coming from a different species to insects, joins the disconnection with the civilized world. The funginoids respect nature more than other cultures and consider that it should be respected and not just used as a mere tool.
They like to enjoy the little moments that life gives them and they are usually in contact with their inner self. They are generally very calm beings, however when they are seen in situations of danger or need they can develop great fury.

Funginoids have the ability to identify any animal or plant. They can also identify if the water is contaminated or if a food or drink has been poisoned.

They also have the ability to understand and mentally communicate with fungi, plants and molds. Knowledge and awareness of many of these things is limited by your intelligence, but at the very least, they can give you information about nearby locations and monsters, including anything they may perceive or have perceived during the previous day.

Designs by Rodar d’Argnan, you can find his portfolio on his Artstation and Instagram.

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