Settlers of a Dead God


You move between pustules and organs while holding your breath and trying to stop retching. The shadows move around you and little by little you find it difficult to differentiate between what is real and what is illusion. The interior is an inhospitable place. Everything below the surface or skin of the Dead God is called interior. As you can imagine, traveling to this place is not up to everyone and only those who are very prepared or completely crazy dare to do it.

To access the interior there are so-called gaps. These are wounds, pores, nostrils, mouth or any other place that allows access to a labyrinth of muscles, organs, guts and bones. There are many rumors about this place, the only certainty is that only the bravest dare to enter.

As you can imagine, inside a corpse there is no light. Anyone who enters this place must have dark vision or some type of source of light to be able to see. Remember that the interior is a large and crowded place, so be sure to bring extra torches.

The easiest way to travel is through the veins and arteries. These offer some natural paths known as routes. It is estimated that if we put all these paths in a straight line, there would be more than a million kilometers.

These routes, most of them unexplored, serve to move faster. However, many of the explorers of these are victims of abominations waiting in hiding to take easy loot.

Anything off the rails is considered rough terrain and therefore you can only travel at half normal speed.

Art by Rodarounet

This translation has been done with Google Translate, please note that the final version of the game will have a professional translator.

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  • JW

    Dear Eduardo, I love your game concept and I would love to be involved in some capacity! Please get in touch with me at JW

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