Settlers of a Dead God



From above you can see the tiny lights of your hometown. Always with so many questions in your head, all of them still unanswered. You dream of other places, you fly and let yourself be trapped by a blanket of darkness. From above you can see the tiny, flickering lights of your town. With so many unanswered questions in your head, you dream of other places, you dream of channeling new forms of magic … but chaos descended there too. You can feel it.

The mothkin are mysterious beings connected to the magical world. Within the land of the dead God, the main wizards and warlocks are mothkin due to their magical powers by nature. Although they do not have a nose as such, mothkin have a highly developed sense of smell. They can detect odor molecules at great distances thanks to their antennas.

Follow our updates at to know more about «Settlers of the dead God». The upcoming OSR setting where you can play as brave insectoids exploring the mysterious corpse of an ancient God.

Designs by Rodar d’Argnan, you can find his portfolio on his Artstation and Instagram.


Here you can see the first sketches worked with Ronan, his work has been spectacular from the beginning.

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