Settlers of a Dead God


We are taking the first steps in the land of the Dead God. We have written a large part of the content and now the character design begins. We are really excited to see these little creatures begin to take shape.

We show you the first sketches of the scarafajus and its final version. The scarafajus is a beetle-like humanoid. It is characterized by being strong, hard and resistant. Its powerful natural armor appears to be made of stone and allows it to withstand almost any attack. An unrivaled six-limbed warrior in stiff armor and chewing mouthpieces. It is one of the playable races that you can use in Settlers of the Dead God.

We hope you like! The design has been made by Rodar d’Argnan, you can find his portfolio on his Artstation and Instagram.

After several adjustments with Ronan, we have managed to come up with a spectacular final version …


Here you can see the first sketches worked with Ronan, his work has been spectacular from the beginning.

Scarafajus sketches

We are very happy with the final version and we will continue to work to show you what all races look like.

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