Settlers of a Dead God



«Listen, down there beats the darkness, the pain, the fear, the loneliness. Up here our family, peace, harmony. Why leave everything to go inside of the Dead God? «


Introducing the first sketch of the beefolk, one of the 6 playable races of Settlers of the Dead God. It has been designed by the artist François Licata.

Beefolk have a yellow and black body, two legs and four arms, antennae on the upper part and a stinger on the lower part. It would appear that they have two large eyes, when in fact, beefolk have a total of five eyes. Although it is rare to see beefolk outside their colony, there are a few cases when this species are encouraged to go on adventures into he Land of the Dead God. This can be for different reasons such as; a desire for wealth, fame, a promise or because they have fallen from grace for some reason within the community.

Some of the skills of the beefolk are flying, stinging, detecting secret doors, manipulating bees and producing honey!

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