Settlers of a Dead God


1. A powerful mothkin lord contracts the group to destroy a gigantic parasite that lives in the cellar of his mud palace.

2. A mantis priest offers a huge reward to the group if they retrieve «the faithful esophagus», a sacred object hidden in one of the crevices.

3. The group must deliver a sealed message to a worm princess. The message asks the princess to execute them. 

4. The group arrives in a small village where everyone has vanished. At night they will discover that the inhabitants are undead insectoids.

5. A powerful beefolk wizard has occupied the ancient castle in ruins and takes control of a territory.

6. The Dead God moves! Or at least that is what some explorers say who invite the group to investigate.

7. King Kiralys I claims to have seen the adventurers in his dreams and asks for an audience with them.

8. The Church asks the group for help in defending a temple under attack by acid butterflies. 

9. King Jotun hires the group to kill an important priest.

10. A friend or family member of one of the members of the group has disappeared into a breach.

11. The kingdom of Larva are advancing faster and faster. The group is asked to investigate and try to stop this advance.

12. Looters have found one of the sacred messages of the Dead God.

13. A giant bloodworm has emerged from the skin of the Dead God and has destroyed several farms.

14. An important priest has transformed into a vampire mosquito. The group needs to end the plague.

15. A caravan of traders has disappeared near a cave of bone hermits.

16. A radioactive leak occurs.

17. Hundreds of lesions are opening in the skin of the Dead God, creating new breaches and new visitors from within.

18. It is rumored that a local prince has beenbewitched. One of his counselors calls on the group to investigate.

19. Creatures have been sighted emerging from a breach near a village.

20. The adventurers are accused of heresy by the Church of the Dead God.

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