Settlers of a Dead God


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Settlers of a Dead God is an upcoming RPG full of insects, you can read more about it here.

The land of the Dead God is based in a rotting corpse, and there are lots of things that happens to a corpse when it decomposes:

  • The body loses temperature.
  • Gases produce natural liquids.
  • The muscles stiffen.
  • Putrescine and cadaverine are released, both of which have a very unpleasant smell.
  • The gas forms bubbles 2.5 to 5 cm in diameter on the skin.
  • Sulfur-containing compounds are produced.
  • The body can swell and leak fluid from the holes.
  • The skin becomes discolored.
  • Sores appear.
  • The body shrinks and the skin withers so the hair and nails seem to grow.

The land of the Dead God is a changing world. If you review the table above, you can see that there are a lot of modifications that happen to a corpse when it decomposes.

You can use the elements in the following table to introduce events in the territory where the game takes place:

  1. Temperatures drop sharply: The ground, the wind, the trees and any element seem to have suddenly lost a few degrees of temperature.
  2. The surface hardens: Certain regions of the land of the Dead God now have a much harder and arid surface, which makes it difficult to dig, sow, etc…
  3. An unpleasant smell is released: Little by little it begins to reach a smell of rotten meat that seems to invade any corner or surface. This unpleasant odor seems to emanate from the earth itself. Only in the higher regions does it seem to dissipate.
  4. The earth swells: The origin is unknown, but on the ground it seems to be swelling with bubbles of different sizes.
  5. The ground becomes slippery and slimy.
  6. Smells of sulfur: Traces of sulfur are being found on the surface. Every time adventurers eat food not cooked by themselves they have a one in 6 chance of being poisoned.
  7. The land gets the color of marble.
  8. Whitish foam comes out of the ground with a liquid of unknown origin.
  9. New gaps appear in the form of sores.
  10. New blood volcanoes appear.
  11. Gases of the hydrogen sulfide type are released: it is a colorless, flammable gas, with a somewhat sweet taste and the smell of rotten eggs; in high concentrations it can be poisonous.
  12. Carbon dioxide is released: It is not toxic but breathing becomes more difficult in areas of high concentration.
  13. Methane is released: If a large amount of natural gas or methane displaces the air, the lack of oxygen could lead to suffocation. Also, if mixed with other gases it can be flammable.
  14. The surface of some territories shrinks.
  15. The number of creatures that emerge from gaps is doubled.
  16. Forest trees and grass seem to grow faster than before.
  17. The eggs hatch and a huge plague of blue flies appears.
  18. A specific geographical area disappears.
  19. The surface of the earth begins to tear.
  20. The land is dyed a slightly bluish color.

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