Welcome to Settlers of a Dead God, a dark fantasy setting for role-playing games to be released in 2022. In this new game you’ll be able to play as insects with human features exploring the mysterious corpse of an immense God of hundreds of kilometers.

We live on a dead God that is decomposing …

We do not know what was before God, but of one thing we are sure: we were born from a sacred corpse that floats in the universal ether and slowly decomposes. Everything that lived prior to this great God was forever forgotten with his death.

From the decomposition of this immense sacred being life was born and from its blood the sea that bathes its coasts. Lands, deserts and mountains were born from his skin. And from his tears rivers and lakes were born. New creatures, species and races were born as a result of that fertile corpse and of the sacred and infinite power that emanates from it.

The different peoples were organized into tribes, cities and kingdoms during a period of peace, leading to a time of discovery. The explorers managed to make a map of the lands they inhabited, discovering that they lived on a divine corpse.

The different peoples came together to honor and protect the corpse of the Dead God. But that era of light soon ended. Many were the conflicts of faith with disastrous consequences and since then few have been the years of peace.

Everyone is fighting to conquer a land that slowly dies and falls ill, but this does not end here. Some of the new settlers seek glory, fortune and, who knows salvation, within the veins, arteries, guts and organs of this immense being of which we know little.

Are we still adrift? Are we still? Are the stars turning, or is God dead, despite everything? It is difficult to know, but sages, scribes, alchemists, astronomers, oracles and augurs are racking their brains to reach a conclusion. They will pay handsomely for any information the exploration can provide them. They are unlikely to want to risk investigating because the adventures will be run by others; you and your companions.

Welcome to the land of the Dead God.