Settlers of a Dead God


Hi all,

Good news! The printed version of «Settlers of a Dead God» will be available at Exalted Funeral in February 2024.

We live on a dead God that is slowly decomposing…
We do not know what was before the Dead God, but one thing is certain: we were born on a sacred corpse floating in the universal ether and slowly decomposing. Everything that lived before the great God was forgotten with its death.

From the decomposing body of this immense being brought life; its blood formed the seas that bathe the coasts, its skin became the land, deserts, and mountains. And from its tears, rivers and lakes were born. The insects were the first inhabitants who walked this putrid land and through the infinite power emanating from within they evolved into insectoids; new beings with powers far superior to those of their ancestors.

The different species of insectoids organized themselves into tribes, cities, and kingdoms during a period of peace, leading to an age of discovery. The explorers gradually created a map of the lands they inhabited, discovering they lived upon a divine corpse.

Settlers of a Dead God is a forthcoming setting for the Old School Essentials roleplaying game that can be easily adapted to a multitude of systems. This preview pdf is a teaser for the full book, coming soon (TM) from Exalted Funeral Press.

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